A Radical Way to Healing Addiction

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I recently arrived home from a wonderful trip to England and Holland. It has taken me days to get properly grounded. I’m so happy to be back and really back, if you know what I mean! I spoke and taught a workshop at the 11th Annual EFT Gathering created by EFT Master Gwyneth Moss.

My topic for the event was, “Good Enough Now” because not feeling good enough is an epidemic and one I know all too well personally. With many challenging times over a year and a half period, I was surprised to find my own self love had vanished along with my contentment. This made me curious to look deeply into why that was. What I found was my love for myself was highly conditional. When I was winning at life, I gave myself appreciation and approval. When stress, life changes, and an injury roared, I fell back onto ancient patterns of being hard on myself. Does this sound familiar? I’ve been working on this ever since and I got to share those healing practices with my workshop participants. It was a truly transformative day.

Be on the look out, as I will be teaching “Good Enough Now” locally and online soon. I was really just plain tired of not feeling good enough and I know so many others are too!

My heart feels full that I got to see so many lovely friends in the UK, all people who are breaking the old paradigms on emotional healing, one tap at a time. All the presenters had the most miraculous stories of healing, from their lives, their client’s lives, on how EFT had changed them. Feeling enormously proud to be in such company.

May February find you wrapped in the warmth of Divine Love,


A Radical Approach to Healing Addiction

A very memorable presentation at the EFT Gathering was by UK Energy Psychologist Trevor Tacey. He spoke about healing addiction and shared a client success story. This young man was in his mid-20’s and a daily drinker and marijuana smoker. He came to Trevor and they began using EFT to neutralize this client’s ACE’s. (Stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. If you’d like to learn more about the ACE study and how these experiences affect adult emotional and physical health, click HERE.) And each week as he worked with this young man, he noticed changes. He started practicing good personal hygiene. He was less angry and reactive. Then one day he said to Trevor, “I’ve been smoking marijuana every day since I was 14 years old and I don’t want to do it anymore.” And his client stopped using. At no time in the sessions did Trevor talk to his client about the addiction itself. Once those early traumas were cleared, the need for the substance vanished.

Addictions are ways of numbing pain and that pain is most often from many years before. EFT and other energy modalities get to the root of where our adverse experiences are held in the body and creates flow where once it was blocked.

I look forward to the day this approach is adopted by rehabilitation centers and addiction specialists. This is the key to real relief and at a fraction of the cost of most traditional addiction treatments.

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How to Heal Yourself from Anxiety When No One Else Can – Out now!

Kris Ferraro is an International Energy Coach, Speaker, and Teacher. She compassionately helps clients transform their lives, specializing in the areas of Self Esteem, Relationships, Anxiety, Spiritual Issues, Grief, Creative Blocks, and Stress. You can find her at www.krisferraro.com.

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