About Kris

Kris Ferraro is an International Energy Coach, Author, and Speaker. As a young, highly sensitive child, Kris had a relationship with the unseen, spiritual world, which led her on a decades long study of religions and spiritual teachings, finding the common threads woven throughout. On a mission to be in service for others, she spent 15 years as a counselor in social services, leaving to lead folks in the life transforming practices she uses for her own wellbeing. Kris is a true believer in everyone’s innate ability to heal and grow. A former punk rock radio DJ and performance artist, it was in clearing her severe social anxiety that she was finally able to uncover her true purpose, crafting a one-of-a-kind transformative coaching practice. A big believer in the adage that “we are all spiritual beings having a human experience”, her work brings balance and relief to human suffering while accessing universal spiritual wisdom and power. She frequently speaks to diverse groups on how purpose, authenticity, and balanced energy are the ancient antidotes to modern stress caused by our current climate of uncertainty. In addition to writing and creating healing and spiritual curriculum, she produces a dynamic newsletter with original photography. When not traveling, Kris lives in Montclair, NJ, with her cats Ling and The Baby Cheetah.

Her first book, Energy Healing, was a #1 Amazon bestseller. Her second, Manifesting, is now in its 6th printing. Your Difference Is Your Strength, her third, is a revolutionary love letter to anyone who’s ever felt out of place.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Montclair State University

Lead Counselor in a non-profit, social service agency for 15 years, supporting at risk children, families, and child care professionals

Teaching Assistant for Dr. David Feinstein and Dawson Church

Former Host of Tapping Insiders Club for the Tapping Solution

Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner from EFT International (Formerly AAMET)

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living

Having been on a spiritual journey since she was a young child, Kris has spent decades studying the world’s religions, meditation, metaphysics, mysticism, shamanism, and Jungian theory. She works with people of all faiths and no faith at all. Her own healing journey began early. She affectionately recalls she was the only teenager in the self-help section of the bookstore! There was a small voice inside her that told her she could be happy. That lead to adventurous explorations in every personal development book, philosophy, expert, and workshop available. She studied with experts like Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, Iyanla VanZandt, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Matthew Fox, Paul Ferrini, Christina Pratt, and many more.

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