What People Are Saying

Kris Ferraro has a gift

Kris Ferraro has a gift, plain and simple. The work I have done with her has truly been life changing, in the sense of letting go of old injuries, whether physical or emotional. It is amazing how our bodies hold onto energy. With the way that Kris works, the bonus is that you don't have to relive the trauma. Kris is a healer in the true sense of the word.

Susi Rachouh

Kris has shifted my life

Working with Kris has shifted my life in deep and lasting ways. As a healer she has profound wisdom and skill. She is loving, generous and kind and has an incredible ability to identify, call up and release deep wounds and blocks within people that then allows joy and freedom to flow; and she is able to do so in a way that feels easy, safe and often fun.

John O'Neill

Kris is unmatched

Kris is a skilled practitioner who uses a variety of modalities to help her clients. She listens to what you have to say and knows exactly what to do for each person and how to help them resolve problems, release energy blocks, and relieve stress. I know I always feel so much better after I have had a session.

Jane Goa

Kris is the best at what she does

Healer- one who alleviates a person's distress or anguish. This definition is Kris Ferraro to a T. Kris has helped my wife Amy and I to not only grow and heal as individuals, but also to heal the wounds that could cause friction in our marriage and every day lives. Simply put, Kris is the best at what she does. Whether it be spiritual work, EFT or coaching, Kris Ferraro is in a league of her own, and we are so happy to see her achieve one of her many goals!

Chris and Amy De Lucca

Kris is amazing

Kris is amazing in her ability to intuitively know how my energy level is doing and the words to say to bring peace and compassion. Kris helps to keep me on track with my goals and any bumps in the road, she helps me to steer, in particular work, relationships, and my pets. I release the negative emotions and energy that are holding me back with Kris' guidance. She grounds me, so after the session I feel energized, calm, and uplifted. I would recommend Kris to anyone who has a block with any goal they are pursuing, to help release and keep moving forward.


Kris Ferraro is a gifted empath

Kris Ferraro is a gifted empath and healer who has helped me enormously to release mental, emotional, psychic, and physical trauma. She even managed to see and clear things that had previously been hidden from other empaths and shamans. Her releases are effortless, instantaneous, thorough, and profound, and I would recommend her work to anyone sincerely seeking to lay down their childhood and relationship issues...from this or any other lifetime.

Eileen Mahood-Jose

I am truly grateful

As both my colleague and mentor, I feel privileged to know Kris and benefit from the healing services and experience she brings to her practice. Her unique combination of deep intuition, grounded in professional expertise and skill, allows Kris to serve as a divine channel for God’s love, light, and healing. Kris is a truth-seeker, and through her wisdom, empathy, and incredible listening skills, she holds space for true miracles to unfold. Working with Kris has helped me become a truer and better version of myself, both personally and professionally. I am truly grateful for the remarkable shifts she has helped create in my life.

Sussie Rottenberg

Unmatched by any practitioner I’ve ever worked with

Kris is my Go-To professional for energy healing-care. I knew I had something major coming up for release but I had no idea what is was. My first session with Kris was amazing! The session was scheduled to end but we were right in the thick of things and she knew we couldn’t stop. She was there, supporting me, every step of the way and we continued the session until she was confidant I was as a good place to end for the day. Kris’s elevated consciousness, professionalism and reliance on spirit to guide her to just the right place is unmatched by any practitioner I’ve ever worked with. I get amazing results and move through things quickly. I can’t begin to express my Love and gratitude for this amazing person and the work she does.

Janet Squilanti