Manifesting: The Practical, Simple Guide to Creating the Life You Want

Published by St. Martin’s Press

Release date: August 24, 2021

Manifesting Made Easy!

Are you frustrated by the fact that your life doesn’t look the way you imagined? Whether it’s too little money, a struggling relationship, or a dead-end job, it can seem as if nothing works out. Manifesting is the solution.

Author Kris Ferraro is a practitioner and teacher in the areas of healing, growth, and metaphysics who has used manifesting in her own life and practice for years. She shares her experience through practical, hands-on exercises including:

  • Reflection Questions

  • Practices

  • Mini Processes

  • Resistance Busters

…and more. Manifesting is the perfect guide to help everyone envision and create the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

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From Kris Ferraro, the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Energy Healing

Kris Ferraro is an International Energy Coach, Author, and Speaker. She left a career in social services to lead folks in the energy practices she uses for her own wellbeing.

Kris is a true believer in everyone’s innate ability to heal.

A practitioner and teacher in the areas of healing, personal growth, and metaphysics, Kris created Spiritual Freedom Techniques, a series of processes that combine spiritual principles with energy flow for transformation. In addition to writing and creating healing curriculum, she produces a dynamic newsletter with original photography.

When not traveling, Kris lives in Montclair, NJ, with her cats Ling and The Baby Cheetah.

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