Ready to be “Good Enough” Now?

Everyone is asking, How are YOU?
I am fresh from one wild emotional roller coaster
and filled with more gratitude than I can contain!

My book dropped and did so much better than I could ever have expected.
It hit #1 in Chakras (even though there’s nothing about chakras in it!) and #5 in Energy Healing on Amazon. I had a spectacular first time book signing at a local bookstore I cherish and got so much support from people I could have never expected. Then me and few dozen beloveds celebrated.

Check out the pics from photographer (who’s really a marketing genius), Rich Silivanch! If you need any marketing or branding services, I highly recommend his company.

And what I realized in all this good is that when everything is flowing and beautiful and magnificent, it can still feel very overwhelming. I cried every day. Not from sadness, not from joy, but from the sheer deluge of it all.

Thank goodness for my practices!  I tapped, I Wayne Cooked, I prayed. I got support from loving people, including the book’s illustrator, my dear friend Veronique Ramsey, who came in all the way from Holland. 

There would have been a time I could have sabotaged it all. When the overwhelm would have lead me to cancel or limit my activities. Instead I got to enjoy it all.

For every book purchased. For every book trailer shared. For every mention to a friend or on social media. For the emails and texts and “atta girl” messages.
For every Amazon review written.
Please know I appreciate it all so much.

I am asking for some grass roots support. Please help me get this book into the peoples’ hands who truly need it.

Here’s a few ways you can help:

1. Spread the word by email and on social media. Send a link. Share the book trailer, below. Take a picture with the book and post it. Let people know: This. Stuff. Works.

2. Buy a copy for a friend or teen in your life. This book is designed for beginners and one of my teen clients gave it 2 thumbs up. (And trust me, if he didn’t like it, he would tell me. LOL) It’s written very conversationally, with easy step by step instructions. Help get this into the hands of people who don’t know about these practices. 

3. Read it and write a sincere review on Amazon AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If Amazon sees a number of reviews, it will boost the book’s visibility. Mention what you think could be valuable to a potential buyer. And if you do this, please email me and let me know!

4. Consider reading it with a group. Your family, a few friends, your social network. If you do, I’d be happy to make an online appearance to give instruction and answer questions, no charge. 

5. Ask your local bookstore or library to order it.  

Please know this will mean so much to me and I thank you in advance!

© 2019 Kris Ferraro. All Rights Reserved. 

First time taught in the US and ONLINE

Ready to feel…

Not feeling good enough has become a world-wide epidemic.
This belief is crippling and leads to unhealthy relationships, under-earning, anxiety, perfectionism, and difficulty moving forward.
In this life-changing workshop, experience cutting edge transformative processes to release this belief and FINALLY feel Good Enough Now!


  • Instruction not taught anywhere or by anyone else. Leave with a fast, comprehensive, brand new way of healing all limiting beliefs.
  • Powerful group healing exercises
  • Breakouts
  • Ritual with fire!
  • and detailed hand out

    IN PERSON in South Orange, NJ:
    Saturday, May 18th, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    (limited to 6 more people)
  • OR

    Saturday, June 1st, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


To register: 
Email and let me know which date you’re down for.

Happy Healthy You Podcast Audio

I was recently interviewed by health and yoga expert Connie Bowman. We went DEEP and I shared some practices from the book. 


Kris Ferraro is an International Energy Coach, Speaker, and Teacher. She compassionately helps clients transform their lives, specializing in the areas of Self Esteem, Relationships, Anxiety, Spiritual Issues, Grief, Creative Blocks, and Stress. You can find her at

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