I Almost Missed It! (& What I Did) * Blessings for the Season *

Happy Spring
A Blessed Passover
and Happy Easter
to all who celebrate!

I am feeling in alignment with this time of renewal unlike ever before. As I prepare to share my book, my new website has finally been debuted, and I am a part of some fascinating projects. But my life didn’t look like this, not even close, just a couple of months ago.

Two weeks ago, I presented at this year’s Spring Energy Event on my 2 year cycle of one very “dark night of the soul.”  Two very intense years of loss, change, self-doubts, a health crisis, crippling disappointments, and a resurfacing of insecurities I’d long thought healed. Now that I am on the other side of it, I can see now I HAD to go through all of it. Like a stone being polished by adversity, I have been changed. I have been transformed. I am more resilient. I have killed off my inner perfectionist. (Who kept me invisible for so many years. Good riddance!) And I am no longer tolerating people’s bad behaviour towards me. My boundaries are clearer than they’ve ever been. 

So please know if you are going through a painful time right now, let me say to you, I am so sorry. For whatever it is.

And as unlikely as it seems right now, there is probably a reason for it. And you won’t be able to see why while you are in the middle of it. Be gentle with yourself and be sure to get support from people who honor where you are at. Let this time move you more deeply into self love. 

Your resurrection awaits. And it will be better than you ever could have imagined.

I am feeling a level of happiness and trust these days that has me filled with awe. And surprise. And gratitude. I am cherishing every second of it. Pain will do that. It will make you hyper aware of all the good stuff so nothing is ever taken for granted again. 

Bare with me as you get more emails than usual from me over the next couple of weeks. I have a lot of great stuff going on and it’s important I share it. Once the dust settles, my normal 1-2 emails a month will resume.

May this season find you blessed with new growth, renewed hope, and a chance to dance,

I Almost Missed It! (And What I Did)
Thoughts on Procrastination & Impermanence

This week presented me with opportunities to focus on the Buddhist principle of Impermanence. Years ago, at a retreat center, I had the opportunity to watch Buddhist monks creating a gorgeous sand mandala. I arrived in the final stages as they painstakingly dropped the last bits of sand. The energy produced was so intense, I could feel it 40 feet from the building they were working in. I realized in that moment that it was the process they were focused on, the consciousness of love, not the end results. I tried to have a negative thought and was completely unable. At the end, they moved a staff through the center of the mandala and distributed half the sand to the participants and the rest is ceremoniously emptied into a body of water. They let it all go. 

I have always wanted to go to Paris and see Notre-Dame. As I watched in horror, along with millions of others, as it burned, I felt deep regret that I hadn’t made that trip happen. And now I will never see what was.

Then the next day, I had a surprise 2 hour opening in my schedule. And I got to feel something different. 

Long time readers know of my love of cherry blossoms as I share my photos each year. This year I didn’t think I would be able to visit Branch Brook Park. It was my Mother’s 86th birthday and in the midst of book launch mania, I planned a trip to Florida to be with her, during the cherry blossom’s peak season. That was so much more important to me than any pictures. I showed her my book for the first time and she opened it to find it’s dedicated to her. That moment will live in my heart forever. While I was away, a major storm and heavy winds moved through our the area. I have up on the idea of seeing them this year. 

Then everything shifted. 

Here’s what I shared on Facebook (w/a few tweaks):

“That moment when you realize your have a 2 hour window of free time just as the clouds part for the first time all day and you get to the park as the sun’s descending and everything looks like it’s lit from within and you get the shots you thought you would miss out on this year as the petals swirl around you and get lost in your hair and you know everything is just SO good and gratitude saturates every thought in your mind as you acknowledge that there is no filter that could improve nature exactly as it is so all the work is already done and you are just a spectator to the glory. Today was spectacular!”

And even so, I was reminded that God, Spirit, Universe, Source is not just in a house of worship. Or a flowering tree. Or only during spring. God is within all. The flames of change. The dormancy of winter. And within our very hearts. It’s so wonderful when what we see and where we are helps us feel that awe. But that feeling of connection is just as available in the rain. Or in our own bedrooms. Or when nothing seems to be going right at all.  

Let’s together take the opportunities as they arise and savor what is, as is. And let the regrets of that which wasn’t seized simply go. Whatever we missed out on, whatever feeling we thought it would give us, is still available, even in the every day, even in the mundane. 

© 2019 Kris Ferraro. All Rights Reserved. 

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