The Power of NO! Part 4

A couple of months ago I started a series called: The Power of NO!

When we know what to say no too, we have more energy, time, and motivation to say yes to what best serves us. 

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Today I present installment #4.

Just Say NO: To Forming an Opinion

Ok, so I’ve been known as being pretty opinionated for much of my life. And once I’ve formed an opinion, I can be extra passionate about defending that position. I’m what you’d call a bit headstrong, or even more accurately, stubborn! I’ve also felt embarrassed when my very strong opinions have dramatically changed. 

As I got older and grew, both emotionally and spiritually, I found myself in a new space, where I was more able to see many facets and opinions on one topic. I understood to a much greater degree why people think and feel the way they do. And then I realized there were times I could simply choose to not choose. No sides, no ideas, no opinions.

And yet, more and more our news and celebrity obsessed culture has devolved into ardent opinions and shouting matches, everyone fighting over who’s right.

Here’s an option I’d like you to consider.

Forgo having an opinion. At all. Especially about something that doesn’t directly affect you.

Start with a celebrity scandal. Or a recent “outrage du jour.”

Your immediate impulse may be to jump in and draw conclusions. Stop. And choose to not have an opinion at all.

The benefits to not forming an opinion?

It will free you. Suddenly there’s no emotional activation, no one to disagree with you or be on “the other side.” You get to be your own personal Switzerland. You get to frolic with all the other countries and not have any perceived enemies.

You stay in control of your focus. It’s very peaceful not being hijacked by something that ultimately isn’t important.

IF you can’t stop from forming an opinion, that’s very revealing. There’s likely something this particular scandal is triggering for you. Perhaps it’s about infidelity and you’ve experienced that before. This might be a good time to heal any pain or anger you may still carry. Take the attention off of what’s happening in the present “out there” and bring it back to what it’s reflecting from your past. Allow the world at large to help you uncover places where real healing can happen. (EFT is great for that!)

Does this mean refusing to commit to an ideology or belief about anything? Definitely not!

I think it’s imperative we take a strong opinion on the things that matter most to us, backing them with actions that are in alignment, both globally and personally. Like the healing of the environment or policies for child mental health. Or how about noticing those red flags on that date you just went on? Opinions are so important! When you make conscious choices on what matters most, you won’t fall into distraction on the things that don’t.  

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Kris Ferraro is an International Energy Coach, Speaker, and Teacher. She compassionately helps clients transform their lives, specializing in the areas of Self Esteem, Relationships, Anxiety, Spiritual Issues, Grief, Creative Blocks, and Stress. You can find her at

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